Market of the Macabre 9/7/2019

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Our third year at this fantastic event in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Unlike last year, the weather was wonderful - no rain, and not too hot.

The turnout was huge - we were very glad we had a helper again.

Since we had a double space, Willow got her own tent, for which she was most grateful.

A half-dozen Critters found forever homes, including the last chain-mail eared elephant we'll have for a while - we're trying to find a new source for the ears. For the stained glass, in addition to several spiderweb pieces, a Tiffany-style dragonfly, and a couple of Cthulhus, both of the Prairie-style panels sold. A few of Sterling's Mooshy Monsters made some wee ones very happy.

This event is a no-brainer for us; as long as they continue to hold it we'll be among the first to sign up.

We're taking today off, but then have to start getting ready for our next event, the Chicago Steampunk Exposition at end of this month.


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