To make things easier for ourselves and our customers, we are limiting inventory on this site to our 3D wood model kits, automatons, and games. As we resume in-person events we'll add the other products back. For now, our in-stock handmade items can be viewed and purchased on our Etsy site (link below).

The Home Stretch

Heading into the end of what turned out to be an amazing year for us.

Our next few events will be smaller, and we will not have Clockwork Critters at any of them - we only have a few left! However, we will have our full line of 3D wood models, games, and pins.

Come by, check things out, and visit with Mortimer (or Pixel, for smaller events) - he'll be thrilled to see you!

Updates to this site are still in the works - we're in the process of adding the new enamel pins - but it will take some time.

If you want to ask about availability of anything - or if you were at an event and missed a chance to grab that special something you had your eye on - please don't hesitate to email us.