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Welcom to our newest addition!

A Shout-out, and a Brief Pause.

The World Oddities Expo in Richmond was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, Sterling became ill during the show and had to leave. We have to give sincere thanks to the WOE showrunners and especially the staff of the Richmond Convention Center for their assistance and kindness in making sure she was taken care of (she's fine now). The event would have been a disaster for us without their help.

Our next public event will be the Wicked Oddities Market at the Allentown Fairground April 1 & 2. We are vending at a private event between now and then.

Reorganization of the web site is ongoing. The stained glass category has been turned back on (albeit with only a few items), and we'll be adding back the Clockwork Critter category soon. It's also our intention to create an actually landing page for the "Oddly Fascinating" website - it will still have a link to the main site, but will also have information specific to that aspect of our business.

As always, if you have questions about an item, are interested in a custom order, or if you were at an event and missed a chance to grab that special something you had your eye on - please don't hesitate to email us.

-Alex & Sterling

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