Thank you Laurel Hill!

Despite the extreme heat - which is horrible weather for Goths - the Market of the Macabre was a smashing success. As always, we met a lot of amazing people & got to see some friends for the first time in quite a while

Our next event is The Freaky Mutant Weirdo Variety Show in Hacketstown, NJ, on June 4th We'll have a limited number of Clockwork Critters, a good selection of wood 3D puzzle kits. our enamel pins, and a few surprises. We will also have our famous Mystery Boxes, ranging from $30 to $225, and containing a great mix of games, puzzle kits, and craft items.

We've added Stained Glass to this site, and will be adding the Clockwork Critters soon. Our Etsy site is still active, but listings are at ridiculously high prices (to offset fees) and the descriptions direct people to

If you have questions about an item, are interested in a custom order, or if you were at an event and missed a chance to grab that special something you had your eye on - please don't hesitate to email us.

-Alex & Sterling