We’ve been neglecting this site in favor of our Facebook page, but will be making some updates here shortly. This will include a slight format change, and replacing a lot of outdated photos with current pictures of our products and shows.


If you’re looking for Clockwork CrittersTM, this is the place.c3

There is a link to our Etsy store in the top right corner of this page, with everything we currently have available for sale. The shop will be on vacation whenever we’re at a show, but will usually go back up a day or so after we get back.

If you “Like” our Facebook page you’ll see new projects as they’re completed, in addition to any updates to our show schedules.

Custom orders –  We can create custom Clockwork CrittersTM (and stained glass) based on either previous designs or new ideas. Whether or not a deposit is needed for custom work will depend on the nature of the order. In any case, by all means feel free to email us if you’re interested & we’ll let you know what we can do – darkraindesign@outlook.com.

For anyone wondering who we are, we’re a husband-and-wife pair of artists based near King of Prussia PA, who enjoy creating the slightly off-beat and frequently whimsical (if not downright demented). We’ve been happily surprised by the amount of interest in some of the the things we’d previously made just for our own amusement, and love watching people’s reactions to our creations.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged; there is an email link on the sidebar.

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