Stained Glass

All stained glass pieces are made by hand, by us, in our shop. If a piece is framed in wood, we've probably made that as well. We are happy to discuss custom work, and if you're looking for something you've seen at a show by all means email us.

During show season, we will generally not have a lot of stained glass listed online. As pieces are completed we will try to update the website.

Notes on shipping: For smaller pieces, the charge is by weight (we do not charge extra for packing materials).  For larger items, dimensional weight (by box size) is used and can be substantially higher than weight-based. Again, we do not charge for the extra packing involved in shipping larger pieces, and should you pay a calculated shipping charge more than our actual cost, we will promptly refund any overage (as long as it's least $1).

We do not bring stained glass to every live event. If you are interested in a piece and would like to see it in person, please email at least a couple of days prior and we'll make sure we have it with us.