A Whole Lot of Lulu Vintage & Handmade Market 10/12/19

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There's nothing like a sunny day in Phoenixville in the fall. A perfect day all around - last year it rained in the morning, which made setup messy.  Apart from being chilly, this time it was fine. We got to break in our new tent, which is almost identical to our old except the legs aren't bent and it is (allegedly) more waterproof. Our only purchase of the day was during setup from the vendor across from us. They had a small metal cabinet which matches the larger one that houses part of our vintage medical equipment collection, so we snatched that up right away.

We got a double space this year. We needed the extra room for not just the toys, but also so Oliver could be enjoyed without feeling cramped. Of course, it was also helpful in getting rid of a whole lot of junk - er, "unneeded treasures". While we've managed to reduce the amount of potential projects we have sitting around the shop & the house, there were still several items - mostly heavy - that we wanted to get rid of. Making money on these wasn't the object; clearing off four shelves in the shed was.  So several vintage typewriters and pieces of electronic test equipment, plus some random bits, all found good homes.

Several friends dropped by to say hello, which is always a nice thing. Overall a great day, despite essentially being on our feet for fourteen hours. We usually have a schedule conflict with Lulu's spring event, but will happily return next fall.

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