PA RennFaire Halloween III/Closing Weekend 10/26/19

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Closing weekend at Faire is always bittersweet. The shire is at its most lovely this time of year, and we know we won't see some of our friends until next summer. Still, whether or not we are vending we wouldn't miss it for anything.

In previous years, we'd always had our booth somewhere along the top path leading to Swashbuckler Grove. This year, we decided to try a new location and set up near the New World Fountain, behind the Globe Theater. Our friend Gus set up his cart next to us.

It turned out to be a good choice. Saturday we were unbelievably busy. Unfortunately, it rained overnight and was still raining when we arrived Sunday morning. The new tent seams were relatively watertight, however, and it cleared up early in the day. Sunday wasn't quite as busy, but we were still on our toes most of the day. Among Oliver's many admirers were the Queen and her entourage.

We ultimately ended up finding homes for almost half of the Critters we brought. This makes getting ready for the next show a bit of a challenge, but should definitely not be viewed as a complaint! This was also Oliver's last outing for the season - since he was such a hit last year, we'll be taking Mortimer to Teslacon.

Breakdown on Monday was a little sad, but we still got to say goodbye to several people and were able to walk around a bit and take some pictures.

Although next year's schedule has already been released, at this point we're not sure what weekend(s) we'll be vending.

But we absolutely will be back!

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