Show Schedule

All events are subject to last-minute changes due to Covid.

We'll have Clockwork Critters at most events. We've listed the additional items we're planning to bring, as that will change based on the event type.

November 27 - Bridgeport Holiday Market in Bridgeport, PA

Toys & Enamel Pins only

December 4 - Market of Curiosities in Carlisle, PA  POSTPONED UNTIL 2022

December 12 - Holiday Market at the Crossings in Tannersville, PA
Wood Toys, Enamel Pins, possibly some stained glass, and whatever else we have left!


2022 Events

March 24-26 - Lexington ComicCon in Lexington, KY (confirmed)

May 7 - Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, MA (confirmed)

May 15 - Forty Elephants Market on the grounds of the PA Rennfaire in Manheim, PA (pending)

June 30-July 3 - Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA (pending)

August 20-21 - PA STEAMFest in Bethlehem, PA (confirmed)