The Oddly Fascinating Library

The Library contains a list of eclectic subjects as wide-ranging as our own interests.  Think of it like a Scholastic Book Fair for weirdos. There's something here for everybody - or at least the kind of "everybody" that we like to hang out with.

Unless noted, these are new books direct from the publishers, just like you'd find in a book store. The books that are NOT new are either Used (more recent titles) or Vintage. All new books are discounted an average of 20% off the cover price, and pricing for the rest is based on our cost, condition, and scarcity.

A note on inventory: Since we are not Amazon, we do NOT stock dozens of copies of most new books (usually just one or two). Anything that shows as Sold Out is on order. Used and Vintage books will be removed from the catalog as they are sold.