All the Whos Down in Who-ville

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This started out as an off-hand suggestion, but it was just too awesome an idea to ignore. All thirteen Doctors, done as Pterodactyls. That particular type was chosen because it allows two layers of material, making the characterization easier. Some of them have specially-ordered screen-accurate fabric, and there is quite a bit of detailing on many of their hand-sewn outfits. They were a lot of fun to do; it's not often you get to sculpt teeny-tiny celery and bananas, or make a pair of aggressive eyebrows from steel wool.

One 2 One (in black and white, of course)

Two 4 Two

Three 1 Three

Four 4 Four

Five 4 Five

Six 4 Six

Seven 4 Seven

Eight 4 Eight

War 4 War

Nine 2 Nine

Ten 1 Ten

Eleven 1 Eleven

Twelve 4 Twelve

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