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The more observant among you have noted that apart from the show schedule, our previous website had not been updated in a very long time. We started out with the best of intentions - and the older blog posts demonstrate that - but keeping up with Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy were difficult enough without adding the DRD site to the mix.

We also felt somewhat limited by Etsy's listing requirements. Technically, we would not have been able to list the 3D wooden models we are now carrying, the building blocks, craft supplies, or bits of odd frippery that we didn't actually make. With the move, we now have our own store and can list whatever we like, and still post pictures and blog entries.

Over the next few weeks we'll be migrating some of the old content over, while at the same time adding new product. Our goal is to have the shop completely set up by the time our fall show season begins at the end of August.

So keep checking back - you never know what might show up next!

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