Windstorm Dragon 3D Model Kit

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The Windstorm Dragon model kit is a classic mythical reptilian, the embodiment of ancient might and power, presented in wood and animated by the wizardry of Ugears engineers.

Your new magnificent pet has an open-style design that allows you to see its mechanical heart. There is a winding key in the front of the chest that allows you to wind up the rubber-band engine.  To wind it up, hold the dragon by its body and rotate the key clockwise. Release the motor by pulling the start lever. This is when the magic begins: the arms, legs, and even the whole body of the Dragon will start to move. And of course, the amazing pair of strong and beautiful wings will be set in motion. This is your Dragon’s very special feature: the bones of the wings are made of wood, but the rest is beautifully designed feathery paper cutouts. Softer and flexible material makes the flight look very realistic and leaves room for your own ideas.

The model can be set on special support or hung on twine. It will look equally fascinating with its laser engraved scales and spiky tail. 

Model Size: 20.9 x 19.1 x 11.4 in
Number of parts: 320
Level: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 6 hours
Recommended Age: 14+

Notes from Alex: An absolutely amazing model. We think this more advanced than intermediate level though, and requires quite a bit of care to assemble. Our sample took about seven hours. As always, the moving parts must be thoroughly waxed. We'd advise waxing the joints in the legs and arms as well, even though they're not called out in the instructions.

We actually hadn't seen the UGears video, so were very (pleasantly) surprised that the wings have a compound action, where both inner and outer parts of the wings move. The legs and arms moving were just a bonus.