Uranium Glass Two-Piece Candle Holder

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I don’t think this was originally sold this way, but I thought it made a beautiful set.

The base does not fluoresce. It is, however, 1940’s-1950’s Fenton silver crest and is in beautiful condition.

The star of this set is the top! While I am not sure, I believe this is cased Fenton yellow opalescent glass. Wow goes this glow! It is designed to be placed into a candlestick holder. Then you can either leave it empty or put a candle or flowers in the top. Either way, it would be gorgeous in your display cabinet! There is either an inclusion or interior crack toward the bottom, but it fells pretty darn solid to me.

The whole thing is a total of 12” tall. The top alone is 7” tall and 5 ¼” across the widest part of the top. The base is 5” tall and 3 ¾” across the bottom.

Please read: While Sterling is an avid collector, we are not experts on vintage glassware or antiques in general. Any information provided is on a best-effort basis. We attempt to describe & photograph flaws and issues as thoroughly as possible, but request that if you have questions regarding the condition that you email us first.