The Original Pink Flamingos

The Original Pink Flamingos

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In 1957, Don Feather stone sculptured the first three-dimensional pink plastic flamingo, thereby making affordable bad taste accessible to the American public from Pink Flamingos. This is the tale of a wonderful bird, named by his creator phoenicopteris ruber plasticus; a new avian species, now known to all as "Pink Plastic Flamingo."

The more than one hundred pictures and the text in this volume are the result of Featherstone's request that adoring owners of the pink birds send original photographs that demonstrate their affection for phoenicopteris on its 40th birthday in 1997. An overwhelming response included such masterpieces as: "Biker Birds," "What a Pear," "The Wedding Party," "Anyone for Bridge," "Purple Passion," "Beachcombers," and the sweetly romantic "Flamingo Honeymoon."

If you're a believer, or even an skeptic, take a look, see for yourself.

Softcover, 11" x 8½", color, 96 pages.