The Artful Decapitation Of Miss Unknown

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In shadowed halls of macabre delight,
A tale of woe unfolds on this dark night,
A mystery woman, fair and demure,
Met her fate, a horror so obscure.

Like Jack the Ripper, this killer not known,
And surgical precision, heart like stone,
Harvested specimens of the human form,
In the depths of night, a gruesome storm.

A gothic tale of darkness and dread,
Where madness lingers, like a ghostly thread,
In the collector's library, secrets lie,
As an unknown woman's silent cry.

Please note that any bubbles or other flaws in the enamel are part of the casting process and are not considered defects.

  • Size: 2½" x 2"
  • Material: Black metal, lilac-stained resin
  • Post: Double, rubber clasps
Artwork by Jenna Sparks Art