Steampunk Owl Wood Pendulum Clock Kit

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As small business owners, we have to be very selective about the products we carry. We have neither the storage space or the capital to maintain large amounts of inventory. Sometimes, though, we see something new and just dive in - love at first sight. This was one of those times.

The owl clock kit is really two kits in one. The front is a standard clock, with a battery-powered quartz movement. Turn it around, and on the back is a windup alarm, which is controlled by the pendulum. Set the timer, start the pendulum in motion, at the end of the time a bell will ring. The two sections are completely independent.

Kit contains laser-cut hardwood plywood, quartz clock movement, weight, wax, and all the bushings, axles, and assorted hardware to complete. The finished clock is 10½" tall, 5" deep, and 7½" wide.

Notes from Alex:

The photos in the listing are of our actual sample, not stock photos.

Our sample was assembled over two nights, probably about four hours total. The gear sub-assemblies are put together first, then everything is fitted together. No glue is required, and even considering our sample will be carried around we didn't think anything needed to be glued. As always, the moving parts must be waxed thoroughly.

The battery for the clock is changed by sliding the front face to the left and removing it; it's normally held in place by a clip. Considering that you won't need to do it often, it's not a big deal.

It's unlikely the alarm/timer function would be a big draw, but it's extremely cool and a great way to appreciate the mechanism of any clock.