Starry Night Orrery Wood Music Box Kit

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Something new for us, and something more unusual than the music boxes we've carried previously. Part orrery, part objet d'art, and all fun, you can enjoy watching planets orbit the sun as the music plays.

Plays "Memories" (theme from Cats). Assembled, your stellar music box stands 6½" high and the same wide. Includes laser-cut plywood pieces in 4 sheets, music box with winding key, beads, all hardware parts, and instructions. This model is easier to assemble than some of the UGears kits, but is still recommended for ages 12 and up.

Notes from Alex:

The photos in this listing are our sample. It was assembled in one evening, in about two hours. Glue is really not needed - we did glue a few pieces, since we have to carry it around, but for normal use it isn't necessary. You do need to follow the directions as far as waxing parts. Double-stick tape is provided to ensure the beads fit the posts tightly, which worked quite well.  A very pleasant build, and a lovely - and decidedly different - little music box.