Soaring Wood Automaton Model Kit

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 Whimsical and artistic toys designed by master artists, featuring intricate moving parts turned by a hand crank. Although not strictly true automata (as they don't move on their own) they are still fascinating mini-machine kits that use cams, gears, ratchets and cranks to make the toy move. Once assembled, turn the crank, and the models come to life!

Soar off into the wild blue yonder with your own mechanical goose! Of course, it's also perfect for the Wawa fan in your life. Or if you think it looks more like a seagull (as Sterling does) a unique seaside-decor accessory.

Our simplest automaton, and a great introduction to assembly techniques and how they actually work.

The compressed wood-fiber pieces slot together without glue or tools required. The pieces are shipped loose, so unlike our other model kits you do not need to push them out of a backing board. Assembly is straightforward and easy to understand with the provided illustrated parts sheet and instructions. 

Completed model size: 9 x 11 x 10 in

Recommended Age: 12+