Dariu - Interactive Bleating Skeletal Steampunk Ram

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Could be a sheep, though, or a goat, if you prefer.

Dariu has two modes. In manual, pressing the button on his back triggers his noises. In addition to bleats, grunts, and other goat noises, his eyes light up, his tail wags, and his lower jaw opens & closes menacingly.

In sound mode, he will be triggered whenever there is a loud noise near him.

He's a little over 7" tall.  He has Steampunk-ish glass eyes, a real leather neckband, and other ornamentation may include various gears, watch parts, and bits of interesting hardware.

Every Clockwork Critter comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and appropriate instructions. Each is individually numbered and named, and all are one-of-a-kind. Operates on 3 AA batteries (included).

Clockwork Critters are artwork based on re-purposed animated children’s toys. The base animals are mostly plastic, which have been hand-painted to look like metal through a variety of faux-finishing techniques.

Because their ornamentation may be sharp, pointy, or break-off-and-swallowable, they are NOT meant for children.

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