Romantic Carousel Wood Music Box Kit

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We carried a static carousel model for a while, but when this was released just had to stock it instead.
Plays "The Carousel Waltz". Includes 384 laser-cut plywood pieces, music box with winding key, bushings, screws, and all necessary hardware parts and instructions. Finished piece is 9.3" x 6.7" x 6.7" .

Notes from Alex:

The model is extremely intricate with a lot of small parts and many cute details. The build was not difficult, but because of the size of some of the parts care needs to be taken. Our sample was assembled over three evenings, in about six hours total. As with most of our models, glue is really not needed.  And as always you have to pay close attention to the directions as far as waxing parts and part orientation.

The lower base and the the main carousel body turn at different speeds, and the horses move up and down - the mechanism for this is visible, just like it would be on a real carousel.