Red Knight Wood Automaton Model Kit

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Whimsical and artistic toys designed by master artists, featuring intricate moving parts turned by a hand crank. Although not strictly true automata (as they don't move on their own) they are still fascinating mini-machine kits that use cams, gears, ratchets and cranks to make the toy move. Once assembled, turn the crank, and the models come to life!

Everyone can use a knight in shiny...wooden armor? Well, he and his horse still look good as they lead the charge into battle.

The compressed wood-fiber pieces slot together without glue or tools required. The pieces are shipped loose, so unlike our other model kits you do not need to push them out of a backing board. Assembly is straightforward and easy to understand with the provided illustrated parts sheet and instructions. 

Completed model size: 11 x 8 x 4 in


Notes from Alex:

An easy and pleasant build, although tying the knots for the cord was a little tricky. . When the handle is turned the horse rears up and raises her left leg, and the knight raises his sword. The little helmet visor can be opened & closed.