Marble Night City Coaster Kit

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Is it a roller coaster? A marble waterfall? Whatever you call it, it's a blast to build and just as much fun to operate.

This is the most complex of the marble coasters we currently carry. In addition to the standard wood pieces, there are a number of parts that are dyed black, and several clear acrylic parts as well.

Finished model is 10" wide x 9" deep x 8" high. Kit comes with 294 laser-cut plywood and acrylic pieces, steel marbles, bushings, axles, and all other parts needed for assembly. Recommended for ages 14 & up.

Notes from Alex:

We have trouble keeping this kit in stock (the perils of a small business) and ALWAYS sell out at shows, despite not having a model on display.

Build time is 7-8 hours, keeping in mind this is not something that can be done in an evening. While it is definitely more complicated than the other coasters, it is no more difficult to assemble, provided the instructions are carefully followed.