Large Purple/Clear Depression Glass Plate Framed Panel

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There is a lot of vintage depression glass (and other decorative glass) that is not considered highly collectible. It is still pretty, though, and worth doing something with.

The colored glass in this piece is more violet (reddish) than purple. The unusual textured clear background also has a faint violet tint, and is from our stock of antique/vintage glass. The custom-made frame has a faux-antique patina, with a grey base coat & white and grey topcoat.

The piece measures approximately 13½" square. It is finished in a black patina (varies from grey to black to bronze) and polished with carnauba wax. Because of the size, it should only be hung from a window frame - there are two hanging loops attached. Upon request, we will supply two 10" sections of chain for hanging.

A note on shipping: All of our larger pieces are packed EXTREMELY well. We use multiple layers of bubblewrap, cardboard, styrofoam peanuts, and roomy boxes to ensure you receive each piece in perfect condition. Because of this extra protection, the shipping cost you see is based on dimensional weight (the box size) rather than the actual weight. We are NOT charging any additional fees for the packing material or the time involved. In short, while the shipping for glass may be higher than expected, we are not "padding" the prices - you pay the price that UPS/USPS charges us.