Indiana Glass Tea Room Sugar & Creamer Set

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Perfection! Large version of the sugar and creamer set in the highly collectable Tea Room pattern made by Indiana Glass Company from 1926 to 1931.

The Tea Room pattern was commonly used in many fine tea rooms in the U.S. Due to the pointed edges on this pattern, finding items in good condition is exceptionally rare as they chipped quite easily. There were 2 sizes made of this set, one smaller and on a tray for personal use, and a larger version that would have set on the table at afternoon tea for use by several ladies.

This sugar creamer set is in EXCEPTIONAL condition! I found only one tiny flea bite on the bottom edge of the creamer. Nothing else! I have to say, This set is very hard to part with! Creamer: 4 ¼” tall, 5 ½” across the top with the handles, 3 ½” across the top without the handles, 2 ¾” inches across the bottom. Sugar: 6 ½” across the top with the handles, 4 ½” across the top rim without the handles, 4” tall, 3” across the bottom edge.

Please read: While Sterling is an avid collector, we are not experts on vintage glassware or antiques in general. Any information provided is on a best-effort basis. We attempt to describe & photograph flaws and issues as thoroughly as possible, but request that if you have questions regarding the condition that you email us first.