Hot Air Balloon 3-D Wood Puzzle Kit

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We couldn't help but think of of "The Wizard of Oz" when building this adorable vintage-style balloon.

Finished model is 8" x 5.75" x 4", and consists of 140 laser-cut plywood pieces.

Notes from Alex:

Just assembled a new one, after our previous display model had an accident. This and the Airship are a bit more detailed than the other models.

The parts seem fairly delicate as you push them out but with care there should be no problem. The do provide a generous amount of replacement parts. There are a couple of points in the instructions where part orientation is important, and they do call that out. Assembly time was less than an hour.

As with most of our models this can be assembled without glue. However, from experience we would suggest adding a dab of (regular white) glue where the "chains" attach to both the balloon and the basket, as we've noticed they have a tendency to pull out if the model is frequently moved.

A fun build, and a great little display piece.