The Oddly Fascinating Library

With subjects ranging from the macabre to the sexy to the downright weird, there's something here for everybody (well, at least the kind of "everybody" that we like to hang out with).

Most books are new, just like you'd find in a book store (remember them?). Sourced directly from the publishers, they are not remainders or returns. We try to discount most of them around 15%. 

The books that are NOT new are either Used (more recent titles) or VIntage. These are older books that either fit the oddity category, or that we think are cool.  Our goal isn't to add to our already substantial book library, but to get them to people who will appreciate them, at a reasonable price.

A note on inventory: Since we are not Amazon, we do NOT stock dozens of copies of most new books (usually just one or two). If something shows as Sold Out, it WILL be reordered. Used and Vintage books will be removed from the catalog as they are sold.

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