Hexapod Explorer

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The UGears Hexapod Explorer is a part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover.

Driven by a powerful spring motor, the Hexapod Explorer can walk up to 3 meters on its legs, without the need for an auxiliary or supporting wheel like other models have. The ability to bear its own weight, on the legs alone, allows the Hexapod Explorer to navigate slightly rough terrain, like a planetary rover stepping out of the capsule to explore new worlds. Another amazing feature that makes our walker unique is that the Hexapod Explorer comes with a variable speed dial.

 Notes from Alex:

Another new model we don't have a sample of yet. We'd looked at something similar made by another company, but like the UGears version better. Interestingly, it's the first UGears model we've seen driven by a metal spring, instead of rubber bands.