Navitas Rover Solar-Powered Model Kit

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Explore other worlds (or your living room) with your very own solar-powered rover!

Designed with Mars exploration in mind, the finished model measures approximately 9"x3x4½".

No soldering is required. Kit includes 203 laser-cut plywood parts, solar panel with attached motor, axles, bushings, sandpaper, and everything else you need to assemble a piece of space exploration history!

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Notes from Alex:

Out of the four models of solar rovers our distributor carries, we decided to stock this one as it's the most interesting and the most involved build.

Overall assembly time for our model was 4-5 hours. Glue is not necessary - and not included - but there are a few bits that we felt needed a bit of extra assurance (plain white glue is fine). The trailer is not detachable but does pivot. There are doors on either side of the cabin that swing up to open. 

It was definitely a fun build. There are quite a few small parts, so keep that in mind - the closest model to compare would be the Vintage Army SUV (Jeep). But of course, this one is powered!