Deer Man Cryptid Plushie

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Deer Man has the antlered head of a great stag, a human's torso, and legs described as similar to either those of a man or deer. In addition, it is usually said to be well muscled, and surprisingly fast for its size. Other accounts gift the beast with the power to transform itself from a regular deer into the form described above, and emitting a banshee-like scream.  Sightings of the Deer Man have been reported from several U.S. states, although there is some variation in the descriptions given. 

He is larger than our other cryptid plushies. His main body is 16" tall, 14" across from toe to toe, and about 8" deep, not counting his tail..

  • Super soft polyester fabric and filled with cotton
  • Embroidered detail on the face
  • Has a fluffy fur "collar" and soft antlers
Design by Evkami