UGM-11 Truck Mechanical Model Kit

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 The UGM-11 working mechanism and movement of gears, shafts and pistons are very close to the working of a real truck.

The model is capable of running, shifting, steering and accelerating. It comes with a four-cylinder engine that is powered by of a rubber band engine through a system of synchronized gears. Turning the lever provided at the top of the cab tensions the engine and allows you to shift into gear and go.

There is a lever which shifts from ‘Idle’ to ‘Start’ and allows you to see the realistic movement of the four pistons under the folding hood. Open the door of the cabin to view the fully functional steering wheel and the working gas pedal. The transmission lever can be switched into forward, neutral, or reverse, and the bed sides can be unlatched and lowered.

Model size: 13.3 x 5.5 x 5 in
Number of parts: 420
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 10-12 hours


Notes from Alex:

This is one of the more difficult-to-assemble models. Our sample took about 12 hours to build. As with all the larger vehicles, it is vitally important that all gears and rubbing surfaces be well-waxed. Most of these are called out in the instructions, however we did notice that the gear-shifting mechanism was not. Based on prior experience, we waxed these anyway. This is also one of the earlier UGears models, and there are a couple of places where the instructions really need to be examined closely as they are not as clear as the newer products. Regardless, a very satisfying build.