Pride Rainbow Mosaic Stained Glass Flag

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It's unlikely that we'll make more of this particular design. It was very time-consuming, as after being cut every single square has to be wrapped in copper foil, by hand, before being soldered. It does look great in a window, though.

Obviously, while the colors in the rows are all similar, the types of glass vary widely, from clear cathedrals to wispy opalescents, with some reproduction Tiffany glass thrown in for good measure.

The picture with the white background gives a good sense of the color, and the window picture an idea of the glass textures. It measures approximately 14"x9". Upon request, we will attach 10" of brass chain to each of the hanging loops for hanging.

A portion of the proceeds from every pride and lifestyle stained glass piece we sell will be donated to The Attic, Philadelphia's only independent LGBTQ youth center.