Titchmarsh - Interactive Steampunk Stegosaurus

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In addition to his various roars and other sounds, Titchmarsh bows, wags his tail, and opens and closes his mouth. He's around 8" long and 6" high. His handmade hat is real leather, and other ornamentation may include gears, clock parts, and bits of interesting hardware. Please note that his winding key is strictly ornamental and does NOT turn.

All Critters come with a Care & Feeding card with their name, number, and an explanation of their switch and/or other functions. Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included).

Clockwork Critters are artwork based on re-purposed animated children’s toys. The base animals are mostly plastic, which have been hand-painted to look like metal through a variety of faux-finishing techniques. Each Critter is individually numbered and named, and is one-of-a-kind. Because their ornamentation may be sharp, pointy, or break-off-and-swallowable, they are NOT meant for children.

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