The New American Pin-up: Tattooed & Pierced

The New American Pin-up: Tattooed & Pierced

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This new book continues the tradition of the American pin-up girl, while taking it to new territory. It celebrates not only the stunning beauty of the models, but the artistry of tattoos and piercings that adorn their bodies.

These new cultural icons are sassy, alluring, bold, outspoken, gorgeous, and proud to show off their assets. The 46 women who posed for the stunning photographs all wear creative body art by some of the most talented tattooers and body piercers in the world. They share their thoughts about tattoos and life in brief character sketches that accompany the pictures. Readers quickly learn that their body art is emblematic of the empowerment they share and the zeal with which they live their lives.

This fascinating book will delight everyone who loves the feminine form and those who appreciate the tattooist's art.

Softcover, 8½" x 11", color & white, 112 pages.