Steampunk Wood Pendulum Clock Kit

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As per many requests, we are now stocking this beautiful Steampunk-style pendulum clock kit.

Kit contains 170 pieces of laser-cut hardwood plywood, glue, wax, and all the bushings, axles, and assorted hardware to complete. The finished clock is 13 3/4" tall, 4½" deep, and 9½" wide.

Notes from Alex:

A very pleasant build. No issues, and it took about three hours. The clock is much larger than the photos convey. It contains a wind-up mechanism and a pendulum to regulate the speed. The pendulum is adjustable, and they provide small tabs to assist in leveling the clock. Like all the clock and timer kits, it must be absolutely level to function correctly.

We've seen several reviews online that complain about both the accuracy of the clock and how long it will run after winding (not a full 24 hours). This is a case of having reasonable expectations. It's obviously NOT a precision timepiece. It IS a fascinating puzzle that shows exactly how a clock mechanism works, and looks extremely cool when completed. The fact that it will keep proper time even for a while is just a bonus.