Steampunk Parrot Wood Automaton Model Kit

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The compressed wood-fiber pieces slot together without glue or tools required. Most of the main body pieces are printed on both sides in full color. The individual parts are shipped loose (bagged) so unlike our other model kits you do not need to push them out of a backing board. Assembly is straightforward and easy to understand with the provided illustrated parts sheet and instructions. 

Completed model size: 16 x 10 x 12 in

Recommended Age: 12+


Notes from Alex;

The model is larger thatn you would expect from the stated dimensions. Assembly was relatively easy, although some parts shows different numbers between the parts list and the instructions (we have let the manufacturer know). Regardless, it was simple enough to match things up from the diagram.

It looks quite impressive just sitting on a shelf. Watching the head, wings, and tail move when the handle is cranked is mesmerizing. The best kind of bird to own - no squawking, and no cage to clean - the perfect Steampunk pet!