V-Express Steam Train with Tender Mechanical Model Kit

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The Victorian age is noted for the Industrial Revolution, and this V-Express Steam Train will to take you on a journey to this exciting age of inventions and innovations.

One full winding will give your V-Express energy enough to cover a distance of up to 13 feet. You can change the direction of movement by switching a small lever on the side of the models’ body. The locomotive has three settings: forward, back and idle. When the mechanism of the model is working in idle, you can safely observe the work of the moving elements without having to worry that your train will race off into the blue. Switching to the “Back” setting, the V-Express will roll back and automatically hook up with its tender.

The tender of the V-Express Steam Train is worth mentioning as a separate point. The coal car with lifting sides has a hatch that you can lock with a tiny latch. Of course, driven by a rubber-band motor, the locomotive needs no coal, which leaves plenty of room in the tender for some small cargo you might want to deliver: sweets, knickknacks and messages.

Notes from Alex:

This was one of the two most challenging models to assemble (the other being the horse). Although true with most Ugears kits, it is vitally important that all gears rotate freely and mesh without sticking or hesitation. Special effort should be made to sand down all the points on the gears where they were attached to the plywood sheets. Any point of friction will prevent the model from operating correctly.

I found that for this kit, graphite powder worked a bit better than wax for lubrication. However, it can be difficult to apply neatly and will stain the wood - but since it's a  train, a little grime just adds to the authenticity!


Train Size: 22.0 x 4.7 x 4.7 in
Track size: 96.5 x 4.7 x 4.7 in
Number of parts: 538
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 10 hours

Watch it in action.