Slomo - Remote-Controlled Steampunk Triceratops

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Slomo is one of our simpler creations; he has been painted with a copper finish but has no other ornamentation. The faux-stone finished remote control will make him walk forward or backward. As he walks, his eyes glow and he roars and grunts most fearsomely. He's about 8" long and 4" high.

All Critters come with a Care & Feeding card with their name, number, and an explanation of their switch and/or other functions. The remote operates on AAA batteries, and Slomo uses watch batteries which will be replaced when he ships.

About the Isle of Misfit Critters: Sometimes a Critter has a hard time finding a forever home (like Slomo), and occasionally one will develop a functional issue after being completed (which will be documented in the listing). We would rather someone enjoy them as they are, so we will sell them at a reduced price. They are still numbered and named, so they remain true Clockwork Critters.

Clockwork Critters are artwork based on re-purposed animated children’s toys. The base animals are mostly plastic, which have been hand-painted to look like metal through a variety of faux-finishing techniques. Each Critter is individually numbered and named, and is one-of-a-kind. Because their ornamentation may be sharp, pointy, or break-off-and-swallowable, they are NOT meant for children.

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