Skull & Sword Paperweight

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We would be the first to admit that this is one of our odder items. We're only calling it a "paperweight" because it's too cool to be a doorstop; it should live on a desk or a (sturdy) shelf.

When the "sword" is removed from the skull, the eyes close - probably in relief.

6½" tall, 8" deep, and 6½" wide. Off-white with brown picking out the textures, and bloodshot bright blue eyes. The brass-painted "sword" is 9½" long with a 3" wide guard. We will note that the paint on this item is quite crude, but it absolutely captures the feel of a vintage item. And it is VERY heavy (9 pounds).

A note on our cast iron items: All of these are sand-cast. The surfaces can have bumps and other irregularities, and the painted finishes will vary in consistency. These are not considered defects and just add to the overall vintage/creepy look of the items.