Return to Hiroshima -Vintage

Return to Hiroshima -Vintage

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You who saw it shortly after the world's first atomic bomb had turned it into an atomic desert. You who watched it struggling over the years to rise out of its death-tainted ashes. You who have never seen Hiroshima, but to whom the name has a meaning.

Return hear through the pages of this book, and learn of the city -

Of the old, have they forgotten?
Of the young, do they remember?
Of the wounded, have they been healed?

To return to Hiroshima is to become a survivor oneself. It is a journey that modern man must continually make if he is to grasp the nature of the weapons he has created.

  • Condition:  Vintage - good, dustcover is worn with a few tears
  • Format: Hardcover, black and white, 90 pages
  • Size: 10½" x7½"
  • Published: 1970