Remote-Controlled Walking Triceratops Kit

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While making the video, we kept referring to this fellow as Mr. Stompy, and the name stuck.

Solidly built and substantial, the triceratops will respond to light, sound, and can also be controlled with the included remote. The completed model is approximately 15" long, 6" high, and 4" wide.

Notes from Alex:

This was an easier build. The only tricky bit was making sure the wires are routed correctly - the diagrams are accurate, but applying them to the real world was challenging. The completed model is very solid - unlike most of our kits, I'd have no qualms about giving this to a younger child to play with. If that's your intent, though, a few well-placed drops of glue should be considered for things like the tail assembly.

The remote works as expected, and he also responds to sounds and light - we display him in demo mode (non-walking) and encourage people to wave their hands over his back, which makes him roar.