UGR-10 Scrambler Motorcycle w/Sidecar Mechanical Model Kit

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The Scrambler is based on a dual-sport motorcycle prototype, a vehicle designed to travel both asphalt highways and heavy-going roads, or go full dirt track mode. Original dual-sport bikes come from a family of “scramblers” – lightweight city motorcycles initially produced by Triumph and BSA back in the 1950s. The scramblers were very well adapted to ride rough roads due to the smart suspension design and high-mounted mufflers. Just as a real-life bike, the model is not only fast, but very steady due to a fork and pendulum suspension on both front and back wheels. The realistic retro design is completed with a clever imitation of a fully animated opposed cylinders engine.


Your motorcycle is driven by a rubber-band motor connected to the wheels via the belt coupling. You will find the wind-up key under the gas-tank hood. One winding will fuel up your Scrambler to cover a distance of 3 meters. Steer your bike in the direction you like with rotating steering bars – and zoom towards your new adventure!

If you have a good friend that wants to tag along, or you are one of those people that always has some extra-luggage, there is an extra-cool feature that your Scrambler offers. A comfortable and spacious sidecar that has enough room to transport tiny passengers, a load of sweets, deliver notes or some other small cargo like paper clips and other office stationery. You can easily attach or remove your sidecar however you like.

Size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 4.5 in
Number of parts: 380
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 7 hours

Recommended Age: 14+

Notes from Alex:

I'm not really into motorcycles, but since the VM-02 bike is so cool we had to carry this one, too.