Mini Dune Buggy Mechanical Model Kit

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If you are new to the world of interactive wooden kits, the Mini Buggy is one of the models you want to start with. It won’t overwhelm you with the amount of details as some of our more advanced-level models might, but the assembly of the Buggy is still an interesting and very engaging process. Step-by-step instructions are included,  but no glue or extra tools are required – everything you need for assembly is provided with the set.

The Mini Buggy is driven by a rubber-band motor. Due to an open style body design, you can see the movement of the gears and wheels in the working motor. Just wind it up, pull the switch in the rear side of the model and your dune buggy will dart ahead. Or not ahead: you can adjust the direction of movement of your tiny vehicle by turning its front wheels – make it run circles chasing its tail if you like! While the front wheels make your Buggy maneuverable, the back, driving, wheels also provide stability. The rear wheels are larger and have rubber-band tires that ensure better surface traction and a smoother ride.

And the only thing more fun than owning a Mini Buggy? Owning 2, and racing them!

Model Size: 4.13 x 3.43 x 3.46 in
Number of parts: 80
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 20 minutes
Recommended Age: 14+


Notes from Alex:

Took about 35 minutes to assemble. No issues with the build, although I will note that for older eyes (like mine!) the instruction illustrations are on the smallish side. This is a perfect introduction to the larger UGears rubberband-powered models. It works the same way, just at a much reduced scale. It's wound by pulling the model backwards, then you flick the spoiler down to get it to go. It seems pretty rugged, and is probably one of the better UGears values for what you get.