Melmac - Interactive Walking Steampunk Dog

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Melmac walks and barks when the button on his back is pressed. He is a little over 7" tall and about 7½" long. His ears and neck band are real leather, his tail is a clock hand, and his other ornamentation may includes gears, watch parts, and bits of interesting hardware.

All Critters come with a Care & Feeding card with their name, number, and an explanation of their switch and/or other functions. Operates on 3 AA batteries (included).

Clockwork Critters are artwork based on re-purposed animated children’s toys. The base animals are mostly plastic, which have been hand-painted to look like metal through a variety of faux-finishing techniques. Each Critter is individually numbered and named, and is one-of-a-kind. Because their ornamentation may be sharp, pointy, or break-off-and-swallowable, they are NOT meant for children.

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