Little Red Riding Hood Wood Automaton Model Kit

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Everyone's favorite cross-dressing canis lupus, just waiting for the world's most oblivious child to finish her muffin before pouncing.  The compressed wood-fiber pieces slot together without glue or tools required. Most of the main body pieces are printed on both sides in full color. The individual parts are shipped loose (bagged) so unlike our other model kits you do not need to push them out of a backing board. Assembly is straightforward and easy to understand with the provided illustrated parts sheet and instructions. 

Completed model size: 17 x 11 x 7 in

Recommended Age: 12+

Notes from Alex;

This is much larger than the pictures indicate. Since it is larger and more complex, it did take a couple of hours to assemble.  As with the other kits, the instructions are clear and the parts are accurately labeled. Should you accidentally put something in backwards, it's relatively easy to correct (not that I'd ever make such a mistake, of course!)

The mechanism on this one is the most interesting one we've seen - it uses cams and levers to control the motions. When the handle is turned Red bows down her head and eats the muffin (a bit greedily as she doesn't use her hands). The wolf, whose tail was already quivering with anticipation, suddenly lunges forward and Red leans back and opens her mouth  with a (presumably) loud scream. Hopefully, there is a woodsman automaton hanging about nearby to rescue her. The size makes it a great display piece, and it would look fantastic in a child's room (safely out of reach, of course).