Krampus Tiny Terrors Figurine - Backwoods Brown

Krampus Tiny Terrors Figurine - Backwoods Brown

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4½" of Detailed Ghoulish Gore
Comes with basket on back for naughty boys & girls and removable pitchfork accessory

He’s got chains, cloven hooves, and does a devilish dance, he’s nothing like a sweet reindeer that enjoys a good prance.

He’s more in-line with a goat, that comes straight from hell, there’s no fine cologne that can cover his smell.

His fangs are sharp and his tongue strikes from a distance, you better be good, and that’s just for instance.

He collects children that have misbehaved, and the super naughty ones, are turned into slaves!

His journey begins in the snowy Swiss Alps, where he uses thorny birch rods, to deliver the yelps!

You can brush him off as just a fable of kinds, but truth be told, you better watch your behind!