Curiousity Rover Solar-Powered Model Kit

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Explore other worlds (or your living room) with your very own solar-powered rover!

This is a relatively accurate replica of the Curiosity Mars rover. It has an articulated sample arm, and moving solar panels and camera. The solar panel can be tilted, and there is a small access panel on the top that actually opens. Finished model measures approximately 7"x3½"x4".

Build time is around 3-4 hours, but there are glued sections that must dry before assembly can continue. While not difficult, a lot of the pieces are very small, and gluing needs to be done so that the moving parts aren't stuck together. It's definitely recommended for ages 14 and up.

No soldering is required. Kit includes 209 laser-cut plywood parts, solar panel with attached motor, axles, bushings, glue, and everything else you need to assemble a piece of space exploration history!

Note: Some of the packaging we've received is labeled with a different rover name ("Harbinger"); the model is identical.