Craft Supply Grab Bag - $3 Bag Lot

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Since most of our in-person events have been cancelled, people have been asking about our famous 3-buck bags. We've decided to offer random bundles of 13+ bags at one low price, including shipping.

For those unfamiliar with these, we use a lot of odds and ends in creating our Critters - bits of hardware, gears, eyes, charms, and watch parts. We've found it most cost-effective to buy in bulk, use what we need, then package up the leftovers to sell for substantially lower prices than craft stores.

They're a great source of unusual bits for your own creations, and a fantastic rainy-day project box for kids.

The list below is lot #1 - they are all slightly different

3 40mm glass monster eyes
7 pairs of 12mm glass eyes
Two bags of assorted spooky silver charms (many Halloween)
One bag of assorted decorative gears
One bag of clock charms
One bag of raven skull charms
One bag of metal filigree
Four small vacuum tubes
One bag of assorted small watch parts
One bag of silver jewelry findings, mostly barrettes and pinbacks
One bag of leather shape cutouts
One bag of vintage adding machine buttons.

You'll get thirteen bags - a $39 value. But wait, there's more! - we'll throw in two additional random bags (we found a few after taking the pictures) and a couple of larger vacuum tubes. All shipped free.