Therapeutic Diathermy Device c1950-1960

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We're guessing this is late fifties to early sixties. It's another piece we love but just don't have room for. This is not really quack medical, as diathermy devices are still used. Since it is an older model, though, it has that lovely "mad scientist" aesthetic.

We have NOT tested this. Comes with the stand, probes, and some other related odds and ends.  The unit on the stand is 34" tall, 21" across, and 13" deep.

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We're happy to provide additional pictures or answer any questions.

Obligatory legal bit - All devices are sold as collectibles only. Any descriptions of working condition are for provided strictly for reference. We neither condone nor recommend actual use of these devices for their original or any other intended purposes.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.