Stained Glass Bat Suncatcher - Springtime Bunny Bat

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From the slightly demented people who created Santa bat, we introduce Bunny Bat!

Silly, probably, but fun just the same. Our seasonal bat uses four types of translucent glass in spring colors. It sports a set of white bunny ears and a tail, and carries a lampwork glass Easter egg. Like the Santa bats, we will only be making a limited number of these, and they will all be different.

It's finished in a black patina (can vary in shade from grey to black to bronze) and polished with carnauba wax. There is a wire embedded in the solder along the top, to provided strength and prevent bending.

The piece is approximately 11½" wide and 3½" tall. It comes with black chain attached, and is packaged with a heavy-duty suction cup for hanging. If the bat is going to be hung in direct sunlight we recommend hanging from the window frame instead as the suction cup can slide (and anyway, bats don't like bright light).

All of our stained glass pieces are securely and carefully packed for shipping.