Erytus - Interactive Steampunk Owl

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Owls have become nearly impossible for us to find, especially in this size. We were recently able to locate a few, but once these have flown off to their new homes we have no idea when (or if) we'll have more. This is the only one we have left with these paint colors.

Erytus is around 12" tall and 5" across. His color scheme wa specifically chosen as a tribute to Bubo, Perseus' mechanical owl from "Clash of the Titans". Less stylized than others we've done, he's been finished with a green patina, and his glass eyes have a reddish tint that look more like real eyes.  He has a forward-facing motion sensor that when triggered will cause him to hoot, and rotate and bob his head.  After a few moments, he'll turn off again until re-triggered. His handmade hat is real leather.

All Critters come with a Care & Feeding card with their name, number, and an explanation of their switch and/or other functions. Operates on 2 AA batteries (included).

Clockwork Critters are artwork based on re-purposed animated children’s toys. The base animals are mostly plastic, which have been hand-painted to look like metal through a variety of faux-finishing techniques. Each Critter is individually numbered and named, and is one-of-a-kind. Because their ornamentation may be sharp, pointy, or break-off-and-swallowable, they are NOT meant for children.

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