Bright Yellow Mooshy Monster with Lots of Hair

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If it's soft, floppy, cute, and cuddly, can it really still be a monster? It sure can, if it's a Mooshy Monster.

While most of our other handmade items are aimed at the older crowd, these adorable hand-crocheted creatures are designed with the younger set in mind. They are made of acrylic yarn (no wool). They can be surface washed, but if they're loved enough to get really grubby can be run through the wash (preferably in a bag or pillowcase, gentle cycle only).

Unlike our Clockwork Critter, we don't name them - we prefer their new owners do that. However, every Mooshy Monster is still unique.

This particular monster is a little more expensive than usual, as all of its hair required quite a bit of additional work.

22" tall, 22" arm span