Automaton Cyclist Mechanical Model Kit

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Inspired by classic Tour De France chronicles, The Cyclist embodies the spirit of competition, the great sport and even a greater victory. The design makes this outstanding model – it is a fun build and an original décor element in any home or office.

While we have no doubt you’ll like the looks of our champion, the main feature is of course, the mechanism. Start it by pulling the lever on the side of the model and watch the cyclist launch into a race. The flywheel, the main propelling element of the model, accumulates kinetic energy due to its weight. There is a special slot where you can put a coin or a washer – anything that fits – to increase the weight and change the momentum of the mechanism.

Set your mind for victory and welcome to the new race with the Ugears Automaton Cyclist model!

Model Size: 9.6 x 6.9 x 4.7 in
Number of parts: 189
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 4 hours

Notes from Alex:

We don't know that we'd consider this a "true" automaton, but would probably lump it in to the category of kinetic model. Still, a bicycle by any other name...

Assembly took about three hours. Moving parts, as always, MUST be well-waxed. While the instructions discuss the addition of weight to the flywheel as an option, in our opinion it's a necessity - the motion stops far too quickly otherwise. You can use quarters (as we did) or 1" washers.